23-year-old OVO signee PARTYNEXTDOOR dropped an EP on June 2nd without any promotion for the project; now he has put out a music video for the entire COLOURS 2 EP.

PARTYNEXTDOOR hasn’t revealed much about the visuals he dropped on his social media except for short clips of each track on the EP, but it was enough to make his fans pay attention. Unlike most music videos that are for a single track, PND got creative and put all four tracks from his COLOURS 2 EP into one video. It seems as if the tracks aren’t in order due to the number listing in his EP, but he ties it all together to make a visual story for his fans to digest. Later he tweeted the visuals on his website. 

To say the visuals in the video are captivating is an understatement. The video switches drastically from spending money at the strip club while singing Freak with You to then being alone with a woman for Peace of Mind. 

Watch COLOURS 2 below on Youtube.

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