Brandon Ridgely –

For those not too deep in grime, Dot Rotten and P Money are two pioneer figures in the scene, and now they’ve released their first diss tracks for one another in what could be a lengthy rivalry and clash. This is what grime was built on.

The first shots fired have come from P Money, who released Liars in the Booth Thursday (7/13.)

It seems P Money has struck much harder than Dot Rotten’s reply which came Monday called “Real Talk,” despite it being 3 minutes longer.

But based on how strong the first releases are, we can likely expect more fire in the future.

As a foundation of grime, clashes like these are what keep the top names sharp, and keep the scene competitive. For that and more, we can’t wait for the next round. Tune back into to see them when they come, and let us know who you think has come out on top so far.