DJ Khaled continues to make moves after his album drop for Grateful with a hard-hitting music video including himself, Nas and Travis Scott. The album has features including Beyonce, Drake, Jay-Z, Justin Bieber, Nicki Minaj and more, making it one of the greatest albums this year for legendary features in the industry all coming together on one album.

Directed by Eif Riveria, the video shows the artists remaining unphased while rapping in front of police while trying to attain them all. DJ Khaled and Nas post up in a warehouse while Travis Scott is on the run. An anthem for those who ‘secure the bag’, the rapper Nas reflects on his past and giving himself a successful life aside from being stuck in the hood. While Travis sings the hook, the three of them party in a warehouse with ladies, later getting raided by the cops.

Known for his hectic and innovative videos, DJ Khaled dropped Wild Thoughts feat. Bryson Tiller & Rihanna, On Everything Feat. Travis Scott, Rick Ross & Big Sean, and now another video with Travis Scott again and the hip-hop legend Nas for It’s Secured, keeping his wild antics and dedicated ambition of his visions to life.

There is no denying that Khaled is one of the hardest working artists in the industry right now, and has continuously dropped multiple music videos within a month aside from his Grateful album that was released on June 23rd.

Watch DJ Khaled – It’s Secured ft. Nas, Travis Scott below on Youtube.

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