Brandon Ridgely – 7/29/17

In typical Action Bronson fashion, utilizing a kung fu movie inspired music video, Blue Chips 7000 (Bronson’s next album) has finally been given a release date, August 25th.


For Action Bronson fans, it’s about damn time. For those unaware of why they should be counting down the days, let’s take a moment to catch you up.

Beyond hosting a cooking show, dancing his ass off, and smoking all the weed he can find, Action Bronson is one of the most unique voices we have in hip hop today.

Representing Queens New York, Bronson has bounced off of criticism for sounding like Ghostface Killah to being one of the most important artists New York has. On top of fantastic live performances, Bronson keeps dropping top level hip hop without skipping a beat – often alongside some of the best music videos in the game. As long as you’re high for them.

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Blue Chips 7000 sees Action Bronson’s first album since his major label debut of 2015 with Mr. Wonderful.

The kid’s still got it.

You can pre-order the album here.