Brandon Ridgely – 7/14/17

ASAP Bari is far from a household name even to most hip hop fans, and thankfully it will likely remain that way. At least for any positive reasons.

Bari is considered a co-founder to the ASAP movement and collective as headed by major artists like ASAP Ferg and Rocky.

A video has leaked of ASAP Bari at the bare minimum sexually assaulting a woman, who refuses his advances and then scrambles away while Bari doesn’t seem to take no for an answer, in what seems to be undeniably rape.

The video may not surprise many because it calls back to one of the worst aspects of hip hop, sexual assault, and the normalization of these actions. While many will dismiss the case without watching the video because of Bari’s place in the hip hop community, what seems to be conveyed in the video is cut and dry evidence of rape.

Another strange aspect to the story is that Bari fought with Ian Connor at a 2016 signing in London reportedly in response to sexaul assault allegations against Connor. Apparently you really do hate in others the worst aspects of yourself.

Now it’s Bari’s turn at the executioners block. Except there’s video evidence against him, video evidence showing a very dark reality that stains the community as a whole.

If Bari ever thought he could bring his fashion career with brand VLONE off the ground, that dream should be (thankfully) squashed, as many have come out in droves across social media to bury his name as much as possible and exact revenge for the crime. Even better, Bari ironically won’t have the ability to say no in this matter (even though he’s tried), as his name deservedly gets drug through the mud.

Whether members of ASAP stand against their co-founder like Bari stood against Ian Connor remains to be seen, but the image of the group is certainly at stake pending how they respond to the situation overall.

For hip hop’s sake, ASAP need to be damn sure they respond the right way.